Our 17th year celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month!

The Great Cheesesteak Escape

Shaved ribeye, grilled with peppers, onios, white american and provolone cheeses on a toasted french roll ...$14.50

Magician’s Assistant

We’ve perfected sawing a grilled cheese in half, but have not been able to put them back together, so we created a special: Half a grilled yellow cheddar on country white bread, a cup of old-fashioned tomato soup...and a surprise! $9.50

The Flaming Meatball

Spicy chicken meatballs with jalapeno jack, avocado and cilantro on semolina bread...$12.95

The Mentalist

A supernatural mind-melt of Pastor-style pork, smoky scamorza and charred pineapple...$14.50
Add jalapenos +$0.50

Pick a Curd, Any Curd

Create your own Cheese Magic! Every curd a winner!...$8.95

The Prestige

Truffle Gouda and a melange of mushroom-y goodness on buttery brioche...$14.50

Mystery Grilled Cheese

Hot Date - Keep the magic alive! Imagine a bacon-wrapped date, wrapped in a grilled cheese sandwich -- ooooh! Manchego cheese with plump medjool dates and applewood-smoked bacon on wholegrain bread...$12.50