Summer Alfresco

Please place your order before 4pm of the day prior.   No picnic orders on Monday.  We do our best to accommodate same-day orders, but cannot guarantee availability of all items or desired pick up time. Email to or phone 310.461.0600 x 5.

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Choose a couple as appetizers for a group or more to make a full meal.

Double Dip Special $18 [serves 2-4]
Your choice of two of our delicious dips, served with crostini and crudités.  Choose any two dips: sun-dried tomato, creamy blue cheese, caramelized onion, romesco, hummus, pimento cheese

Cheese PlateLovely Cheese Plate $28[serves 2-4]

A delicious selection of domestic and imported cheeses, with dried fruits, rustic bread and pecan-raisin crisps 

Spanish Tapas Plate $32[serves 2-4]

A wonderful assortment of Spanish cheeses and cured meats, served with quince paste, spiced nuts, romesco, crostini and rustic bread

Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail $9.75 [serves 1-2]

Zesty and refreshing, with tomato, onions, cilantro and avocado. Served with oyster crackers.

Deviled Eggs $1.25 each  $15/dozen

with radish and chives

Spiced Nuts $1.95/2 oz . or $8.95/8 oz.

Grand AioliGrand Aioli $28

A beautiful array of summer market vegetables, steamed fingerling potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, marinated artichokes, olives, rustic bread and, of course, zesty aioli. This serves one person as a meal, or four people as a starter.

Build-Your-Own Picnic

Step 1: Choose your main entrée below
Step 2: Choose two from the list of specialty or garden salads

BYO ShrimpGrilled Jumbo Shrimp $32

Marinated and grilled, served with aioli on the side

Grilled Steak $32

Sliced and served with olive-onion tapenade

BYO ChickenGrilled Chicken $28

Our citrus-marinated chicken breast, sliced, with remoulade on the side

Wild King Salmon $32

Beautifully poached with fresh herbs and lemon zest, served with shallot crème fraiche

Cold Meatloaf $26

Our classic meatloaf made with beef and pork, sliced and served with our 10,000 lakes dressing

Quiche $18

Your choice of one of our individual sized quiches: mushroom-scallion, bacon-leek or spinach-feta

Clementine in a Box $18.95

Step 1: Choose your sandwich from our seasonal selections
Step 2: Choose baby greens, farro or pasta salad
Step 3: Choose your cookie (butter brickle, chocolate chip, gingersnap, monster cookie (gluten-free), mrs. miller’s chewy coconut raisin, peanut butter sandwich, thumbprint with strawberry jam).

Three-Salad Combo $14.50

Choose from any three of our seasonal specialty salads or two specialty salads plus baby greens.

Picnic Desserts

Chocolate Brownie Parfait $6.50

Chunks of our delicious chocolate brownies with pecans, layered with creamy dark chocolate and whipped cream. 

Banana Caramel Parfait $6.50

We layer together rich custard, whipped cream, bananas, sea salt caramel and chunks of our chewy butterscotch brownie with walnuts – yum!

Summer Fruit Crisp $6.95

with the best farmers’ market fruit topped with delicious oat streusel

Butter Cake with Nectarines and Mascarpone Cream $6.75

Moist butter cake topped with lemon mascarpone cream and fresh berries

Summer Fruit Salad  small [8oz] $4.95 large [16oz] $9.75

The best summer fruit from the farmers market. 

Assorted Mini Cookies and Brownies $6.95

Five mini pieces of everyone’s favorite Clementine treats.

Sweets & Snacks


gingersnap $1.75
mrs. miller’s chewy coconut raisin $2.25
butter brickle $2
chocolate chip $2.50
monster cookie (gluten-free) $2.25
peanut butter sandwich $2.25
thumbprint with strawberry jam $2.25

Brownies & Bars

chocolate brownie with pecans $3.75
butterscotch brownie with walnuts $3.25
zucchini bread $3.50/slice
clementaschen [cherry/apricot/plum] $5


Hot Chocolate

We’ll fill your thermos or refillable coffee mug with our homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows. [priced according to size of container]

Homemade Chai

Our delicious chai can be served cold or hot with your choice of milk or soy. [priced according to size of container]

Fresh Ginger-Limeade $3.25 pint/$6 quart

Tropical Iced Tea $3 pint/$5 quart

Arnold Palmer $3.25 pint/$6 quart

Arrowhead Water $1.50

Fiji Water $3

Spindrift Sodas (Orange Mango or Sparkling Grapefruit) $3.50

Specialty bottled sodas $3

· Boylan’s Ginger Ale or Black Cherry
· Orange Crush
· Frostie Root Beer
· Stewart’s Diet Root Beer
· Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer