Grilled Cheese Month 2018

Clementine’s 17th Annual World Famous
Grilled Cheese Month
April 2018 - Available after 11 AM

Every week we will have rotating specials from our 2018 Grilled Cheese Month menu (below). Please check our homepage daily to see what “The Great Clementini” is melting!


Abracachevre $13.95

Melty goat brie with sautéed leeks and crisp apple and greens, served open-faced on grilled pecan raisin bread

The Great Cheesesteak Escape  $14.50

Shaved ribeye grilled with peppers, onions, white American and Provolone cheeses on a toasted French roll

Rarebit Out of a Hat $11.95

Use your magic want to dip buttery bunny toasts into a top hat of melty beer & cheddar fondue. [add bacon bits to make it a show stopper +$1]

The Prestige  $14.50

Truffle gouda and a melange of mushroom-y goodness on buttery brioche

Tuna Meltamorphosis $11.95

Tuna, cheddar cheese & bread, magically transformed before your very eyes

The Flaming Meatball $12.95

Spicy chicken meatballs with jalapeño jack, avocado and cilantro on semolina bread

The Magician’s Assistant $9.50

Half a grilled yellow cheddar on country white bread, a cup of tomato soup...and a surprise

The Mentalist $14.50 

A supernatural mind-melt of Pastor-style pork, smoky scamorza and charred bits of onion and pineapple. [add jalapeños +.50]

Floating Egg Trick $14.50 

A single egg levitates in a bubbling cauldron of saucy tomatoes and peppers, as you dip golden wands of garlicky grilled cheese and watch them quickly vanish. Shakshoukazam!

Cheddar Chicanery $9.75

Parmela Creamery Cashew Cheddar on wheat levain bread, grilled to golden, plant-based perfection. Behold this marvel of non-dairy dexterity!

Mystery Grilled Cheese 

Each week our Conjurer of Queso will unveil a new a sandwich! 

Pick a Curd, Any Curd $8.95

Create your own cheese magic! Every curd a winner!                                                                         
Cheese: yellow cheddar, white cheddar, pimento cheese, gruyere, pepperjack, vegan cheddar [+$1]
Bread: country white, wheat levain, semolina, wholegrain, olive, gluten-free [+$1]
Add Ons: +.50 - basil, chow chow or pickled jalapeños
+$1 - sun-dried tomatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes or avocado
+$3 bacon or smoked turkey 

Add a cup of old-fashioned tomato soup to any grilled cheese sandwich for just $3

Sandwiches can be made meatless and on matzah for Passover - just ask! The Great Clementini is all powerful - No Substitutions.