Summer Celebrations Menu!

July 4th cookiesClementine classics for all of your holiday needs! Orders require 24 - 48 hours notice. To place your order, please contact one of our friendly servers or email our catering staff! 310.461.060 /


BBQ Braised Beef Brisket 

Tender meat plus our zesty homemade BBQ sauce
individual $14.50  family 34

Sloppy Joe

That saucy ground beef loved by all!
pint $10.95   large pan $24

Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob

Fresh market corn grilled with cumin butter. Heat and serve.
side for 1-2 $3.95   family (serves 3-5) $20

Fresh Watermelon

Best of the season, sliced and ready to eat!
side for 1-2 $3   family (serves 3-5) $18

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Cheesy and bubbly...loved by all ages!  - Individual $9.75 Family $26

Deviled Eggs

A Clementine favorite! Very elegant with radish and chives 
$1.50 each or $16 dozen


Stars & Stripes Cookie + Brownie Platter

a festive assortment of sweets! Our classic chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, handmade star shortbreads and our delicious nut-free chocolate brownies!
small (serves 8-12) $34  medium (serves 14-18) $48  large (serves 20-30) $65

Festive Cupcakes - assorted dozen cupcakes

classic and delicious chocolate and yellow cupcakes with creamy buttercream with lots of patriotic flare!
regular/dozen $42    mini/dozen $28   each $3.25

Strawberry Cupcakes

the best sweet treat of the season, no really it is!
regular/dozen $38     each $3.50

Lemon Cream Cake with Fresh Berries 

fourth of july pastry

our homemade lemon cake topped with fresh raspberries and blueberries on a bed of creamy mascarpone frosting
individual cake $7.25 (serves 1-2)  8″large round (serves 6-8) $32

Shortbread Watermelon

our buttery shortbread cookies decorated as this classic picnic favorite! 
each $2  dozen $22

Classic Apple Pie

loads of luscious and tender apples in our impossibly flaky pie crust. Order ready to serve or bake-at-home!
ready to serve: small $13.95 / large $35
bake-at-home: small $12.95 / large $30

Bake-at-Home Star Shortbreads

pre-shaped star shortbreads ready to bake and decorate at home! Comes with baking instructions.
small stars $10 (12ct)  medium size stars $10 (8ct)

Sanding Sugars (order with your bake-at-home cookies!)

pack of 3. Red, white & blue /or/ red, white & star sprinkles $4

Classics strawberry cupcakes

Grandma’s Potato Salad 

made the old-fashioned way with mayo and hard-cooked eggs.
8oz. $5.25  16oz. $10.50
for a group: mini bowl $34 small bowl $56 medium bowl $74 large bowl $96

Housemade Coleslaw

crisp and cool as a side or use as a delicious topping for BBQ sliders!
8oz. $5.25  16oz. $10.50
for a group: mini bowl $34 small bowl $56 medium bowl $75 large bowl $98

Sicilian Pasta Salad

with roasted sweet peppers, wilted spinach, pine nuts, currants and ricotta salata
8oz. $ 5.95  16oz. $11.95
for a group: mini bowl $36 small bowl $58  medium bowl $78  large bowl $99